Quiver of Anaglathos

Corym's Magical Quiver


Quiver of Anaglathos (Relic)

This supple bluish/gray leather quiver is festooned with arcane symbols. The Quiver of Anaglathos holds 20 (+2 arrows.) The quiver imbues these magical arrows drawn from it with electrical energy, the breath weapon of the ancient dragon for which the quiver is named. In addition to the +2 magical bonus from each arrow in this quiver, add 1d6 electrical damage. The arrows glow a bright blue and crackle with electrical energy when they streak off to their intended target. The arrows are prized for their potency in battle, but this is secondary to the primary function of this grand quiver. The Quiver of Anaglathos replenishes its ammo to full every round.

Moderate Conjuration/Evocation CL 17; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Major Creation, Lightning Bolt, Magic Weapon, Greater (+2:) Price: 128,000gp



Quiver of Anaglathos

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