Cold Runs Thaw (+3 Short Spear)


Cold Runs Thaw (+3 Short Spear)

Damage: 1d8+9+2d6 (fire)
Critical: 18-20 X3 (2d10 extra fire damage on Critical)
Range: 30’
Type: piercing
Price: 46,359gp

Flaming Burst: A flaming burst weapon functions as a flaming weapon that also explodes with flame upon striking a successful critical hit. The fire does not harm the wielder. In addition to the extra fire damage from the flaming ability (see above), a flaming burst weapon deals an extra 1d10 points of fire damage on a successful critical hit. If the weapon’s critical multiplier is x3, add an extra 2d10 points of fire damage instead, and if the multiplier is x4, add an extra 3d10 points of fire damage. Bows, crossbows, and slings so crafted bestow the fire energy upon their ammunition. Even if the flaming ability is not active, the weapon still deals its extra fire damage on a successful critical hit. Strong evocation; CL 12th; Craft magical arms and armor and flame blade, flame strike, or fireball.

Returning: This special ability can only be placed on a weapon that can be thrown. A returning weapon flies through the air back to the creature that threw it. It returns to the thrower just before the creature’s next turn (and is therefore ready to use again in that turn). Catching a returning weapon when it comes back is a free action. If the character can’t catch it, or if the character has moved since throwing it, the weapon drops to the ground in the square from which it was thrown. Moderate transmutation; CL 7th; Craft magic arms and armor, telekinesis.



Cold Runs Thaw (+3 Short Spear)

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