Corym Leoro

Ranger 18


Race: Or-tel-quessir
Alignment: CG
Deity: Corellon Larethian
Size: Medium
Age: 227
Gender: Male
Height: 4’3”
Weight: 86lb.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Skin: Copper

Corym is a typical Wood Elf. He is average height, weight, and his hair is dark brown. His features are angular and attractive like most elves. His green eyes are his best feature. Corym smells like the forest.



Corym Leoro

Not far from the crossroads of Bezentil, near the center of the Great Dale, a great rocky tor rises from the forest. A pristine lake of clear, cold water stands at its foot. Carved into the tor is an old wood-elf stronghold known as Yeshelmaar, built in the days when the Lethyr elves faced destruction at the hands of the sinister Empire of Narfell to the north. The threat of old Narfell has long since passed away, but so too have most of the elven folk. Of the wood elves who once lived here, only a few small villages survive. The old elven stronghold has become the new fortress of the Circle of Leth. The Nentyarch and his High Druids formerly inhabited Dun-Tharos in the Rawlinswood, but two years ago they were driven out by the Talontar blightlords, and Yeshelmaar became the Nentyarch’s seat-in-exile. Yeshelmaar is the informal capital of the Great Dale, or at least its eastern half. The folk of the lonely clanholds hold a deep reverence for the Nentyarch. At. any given time, a dozen druids of various ranks and twice that number of rangers, hunters, and foresters occupy the stronghold or the woods nearby, along with a handful of Dalesfolk come to seek advice or assistance. The Nentyarch is occupied in a fierce contest against Talona’s Rotting Man for the very soul of two great forests, but his druids do what they can to help out the Dalesfolk and shield them from the worst of the Blightlord’s depredations.
Corym grew up in Yeshelmaar with his mother (Seldanna,) father (Aiduin,) and younger sister (Naesala.) Yeshelmaar is home to one of the largest populations of Or-tel-quessir (Wood Elves.) Corym was raised to respect and protect the forest from a very early age, which translates into him becoming a ranger for th Circle of Leth. His early life was immersed in art, language, martial training, and learning all there is to know of the forest and its heart. Lethyr is in a constant struggle, and Corym wants it to survive and thrive around his people. He is part of it, and it is his sacred duty to give all, if necessary, to insure the safety of Lethyr.
Trials of the Nentyarch
Corym excelled at learning about nature and the laws that govern life and death. He was afforded an honor among his people to attend the Druidic school of Mauberg’s Oak in the west of Lethyr. Oakandra, the schools headmaster, was very skeptical of Corym at first. He proved his dedication to nature by passing all of her tests, both magical and mundane. Corym was far too restless to become a Druid, so he settled into becoming a first-rate ranger. Corym admired Oakandra and showed all the instructors a great deal of respect. His studies at Mauberg’s Oak were a great success.
Circle of Teth
Corym was asked to join the Circle shortly after receiving instruction from the Druidic school at Mauberg’s Oak. He has been in the service of the forest ever since, and he lives a half-days ride west of Yeshelmaar by the Dalestream river.

Ranger Spells
1st Level
Delay poison, endure elements, entangle, resist energy
2nd Level
Barkskin, cure light wounds, protection from energy, wind wall
3rd Level
Cure moderate wounds, darkvision, water walk
4th Level
Cure serious wounds, freedom of movement

Corym Leoro

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