Cemmig The Mighty

Barbarian 18


Race: Gnome
Alignment: CG
Size: Small
Age: 79
Gender: Male
Height: 5’1"
Weight: 144lb.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Skin: White

Cemmig is a tiny ball of muscle. His fierce eyes and strong jaw usually warrant people to steer clear, but his jovial laugh and light-hearted humor disarms the hardest folk. Cemmig is physically fit in every way.




Cemmig was born into a family of miners, armorsmiths, weaponsmiths, and iron-workers. The Caryore family hasn’t traveled very far in the Northwestern region of the Spine of the World. Cemmig’s mother (Phitina) was born in Ten Towns and his father (Felwin) was born in the small town of Hundelstone. Hundelstone is where they live, and Cemmig’s childhood was a trial but a happy one. The entire family were involved in one way or another with the mining trade. By ten Cemmig began working in the mine with his father and uncles. His mother was an accomplished iron worker and armorsmith. Cemmig loved working with hides, metals, and ore. He was a natural at the smithy. It was also a great trade to acquire in the Spine, and he wanted his father to be proud of his work. The climate was very harsh during the long winter, but this was his home. Cemmig grew up in a warm home with two strict but loving parents.


Cemmig became a trusted friend of the reclusive Dwarves in Ironmaster. The fortified Dwarven town was shrouded in secrecy. Entrance into the subterranean city was forbidden to all but Dwarven blood. Cemmig learned of the large secret tunnel network the Dwarves of Ironmaster had dug out over the centuries. Without a guide, these tunnels would be treacherous at best. You never know what may lie around a dark corner in those tunnels. Cemmig was well respected by Ironmaster and trade with them was amicable.

Adventuring Life

Cemmig booked passage to Luskan to try and extend trade to the city. His wares were well received and good relations with this city would insure a good living for both Cemmig and his family. Opportunity wasn’t the only thing he found in Luskan. The night before his journey home a woman was being brutalized in the streets outside the inn where he was staying. A group of black cloaked figures were dragging the poor woman by her hair down the street. Cemmig went out and asked why they were treating her so terribly. The man holding her by the hair replied, “Go back inside, little imp, or you will be next…” After flying into a RAGE and beating three of the brigands within an inch of their lives, the rest of the Thieves Guild members ran away. The woman, an illusionist named Bronwyn, rewarded Cemmig and asked him to join her merry band of adventurers. Cemmig traveled up and down the coast righting wrongs and making an enormous fortune for his efforts. He was given property by the King of Waterdeep and an honorary title with the City Watch. He moved his parents to Waterdeep and established a solid trade with Hundelstone. Cemmig became the mining town hero. There’s no telling what the next adventure will be for the Gnome Barbarian.

Cemmig The Mighty

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