Bending Reed On Summer Wind

Goliath Monk 18


Race: Goliath
Alignment: LN
Size: Medium (Special)
Age: 94
Gender: Male
Height: 7’8"
Weight: 320lb.
Eyes: Blue (Faintly Glow)
Hair: Brown
Skin: Brown

Bending Reed is a tower of muscle and brawn. Every inch of his frame is covered in corded muscle. His fitness level is beyond normal. He is the perfect specimen of athleticism. His entire body is covered in ritualistic scars and tattoos.



Bending Reed On Summer Wind


Bending Reed On Summer Wind began life as Teruk. His trials were difficult at best. His mother, Chana, worked leather and was an accomplished ironsmith for their tribe. She was strong and stern but loving. Teruk and his twin brother, Terek, were inseparable as children. During his fifth winter, Chana brought his little brother, Tivek, into the world. Teruk’s little brother was a very special to him, because his father, Tharyn, was killed during an orc raid on the encampment of the tribe. He was flung from the highest peak in the Spine. Dying in battle is the highest honor for a Goliath, and Teruk was proud to be Tharyn’s son. Shortly after the raid and the birth of his brother, the tribe was ambushed by a garrison of Frost Giant from the Mountain Kingdom of Hithor. These brutish and cold giants enslaved the entire clan. Teruk witnessed atrocities at the hands of these giant men. This frozen hell would be his, and his families, life for the next 12 years.

The Reghed Glacier

Teruk, like his kin, is a goliath. The frost giants appreciated the strength of his clan, because they didn’t have to worry about the bitter cold affecting these hearty people. They made perfect slaves, and Teruk fell in line with the mining work and building these greedy frost giants commissioned. Terek was less inclined to fall in line however, and he ended up being killed by the king himself for defiantly cutting his hand with a sickle. Teruk wanted to end his life of torment and shame. Chana became a personal servant of King Hithor, who always had his eyes on her. Teruk wanted to pluck his eyes out and feed them to him. He vowed one day to kill this cruel king. Chana’s spirit was broken, but she was safe in the castle. More importantly, her infant son was taken care of as long as she attended the king.
Teruk’s 16th winter would prove to be an adventure he didn’t expect. His brother, Tivek, was mysteriously spirited away by a group of female dwarves. These battle dwarves quickly rushed into the palace, slaying four frost giants in their path. The king noticed Chana’s baby was missing, so he became enraged. He thought Chana had orchestrated the abduction of her child, thus no longer having a bargaining tool to bend her will. Chana didn’t tell the king about the network of tunnels stretching as far as Icewind Dale and even under the Spine. She had arranged her sons safe passage by stealing a rare artifact that the Ironmaster Dwarves would do anything to have. She bartered for her son to live. Her last wish came true, so she had no reason to live on in servitude.

Escape From King Hithor

Teruk was fully grown at the age of 17, and he was a monstrously large goliath. Among his long list of skills, he had become quite good at fishing. He had also become quite good at escaping onto the fishing boats and stockpiling provisions for an escape and ending King Hithor’s life. Teruk timed a private meeting with the massive Lord near the shipyard. The King always inspected the ships after returning, mostly just to intimidate the fishermen. Teruk finally had his chance, which almost killed him. He began by lobbing a harpoon into the giant king’s eye. The struggle didn’t last long, because Teruk had prepared a series of snares that would bring poor Hithor to his knees. Once he was down, Teruk launched a harpoon into his chest that pierced through his back and into a stone pillar behind him. He remained upright but lifeless. Teruk found his mother and they fled on one of the massive ships in the Sea of Moving Ice, until they arrived at a massive port in Ironmaster, where his mother was welcomed like a Queen. She decided to stay in Ironmaster, behind the fortified walls of this Dwarven city. Teruk longed to be free of his torments, so he traveled to Luskan, looking for work as a sailor. Neverwinter, Waterdeep, and Baldur’s Gate were the first three stops of his career. He would travel further south in search of a more tropical climate. Teruk longed to be in a place that was drastically different from his upbringing. The Jungles of Chult were a perfect representation.

The Jungles of Chult

Chult is located on an island in the southern part of the Trackless Sea, off the coast of Calimsham. Formerly, the land was located at the westernmost end of the Chultan peninsula. It is a mountainous jungle of savage beasts, hulking dinosaurs, and disease-ridden swamps. Savage human tribes, goblins, and even stranger monstrous folk haunt the thick jungles. Nevertheless, Chult draws adventurers who search for its legendary riches. The primordial, Ubtao, is almost exclusively revered in the land, for the divine powers of Faerun awarded Ubtao the dominion over the land of Chult in exchange for the deity’s vigilance over the threat from under the Peaks of Flame. The humans of Chult live in tribal communities, consisting of a dozen or so families, which move from one area to the next when the poor soil of the largely-jungle covered peninsula becomes depleted. For hunting and defence they rely on primitive non-metallic weapons like clubs, bows and shortspears. Harder metals like iron and steel are unavailable to them, and the few brought in by outsiders are nowhere near enough to sufficiently arm any number of people. Magic is generally feared, and each tribal-family generally has only one wielder of arcane magic, performing hunting ceremonies and brewing potions to aid the hunters. Despite this restriction on arcane spellcasters, the number of people with an aptitude for magic is the same as anywhere else in Faerûn. Subsequently, the Chultan attitude towards the arcane causes some arcanists to flee into the jungle to practice their art alone. In the days before the Spellplague many also traveled to study in Mezro. Aside from humans, wild Dwarves, goblins, aldani, ptera-men, bullywugs, and lizardfolk also inhabit the land. In smaller numbers are exotic creatures as chuuls, hydras, nagas, troglodytes, trolls, and wyverns. But the dominant predators of the land are the dinosaurs, worshipped by many of the natives as aspects of the primordial Ubtao.

Phoenix Fist

While working as a guard on a merchant ship, he heard of an old monk who could help him deal with his grief and anger. The path to this monk wasn’t going to be easy, because he lived in the Jungles of Chult, one of the most dangerous places on Faerun. Teruk was determined and finally made it to the island. He went deep into the jungle in search of this monk. His misfortune seemed to never end as he was shunned by most natives, constantly having to defend himself from the dangers of this island, and finding very little information about a wise monk. Just when it seemed he had no direction to travel, he decided to return to the Sword Coast. On his way back to port, he encountered what the locals call a Tyrannosaurus Rex. This brutish huge monster wanted to eat Teruk, and it would have if the lightning-fast figure had not come along. The blur of fists, elbows, kicks, and acrobatics was a spectical. Teruk was astonished that this tiny old man could walk, much less defeat a monstrous creature such as this. As he landed on the beasts prone body, he said, “You seek instruction from a frail old man?” Not being able to control himself, Teruk howled with laughter. Master Phoenix Fist, smiling, patted the goliath on the forearm and led him to his home. The next 20 years were wrought with constant training, breathing, and labor, until one day Master Phoenix looked out to the east and decided to name Teruk. “I see a bending reed on the summer wind making its way up the river Tath. You shall be known as Bending Reed On Summer Wind from now until you transcend this flesh and sail through the planes of the cosmos.”

The Pilgrimage of Bending Reed On Summer Wind

BROSW’s pilgrimage began on a ship destined for Calimsham in the Shining Sea. His life would change drastically with the harsh dry heat of Calimshams desert. From Calimport to Manshaka, up to the Marching Mountains, and through the Forest of Mir, Bending Reed hadn’t seen so many wonders. These hearty desert folk were exotic and full of life. He traveled to Almraiven, where the cruel Sultan sucked the very life out of his people. Bending Reed joined a rebellion to save the people. They were victorious, leaving the Sultan’s son to rule. Wherever Bending Reed went, he would help the helpless, fight injustice, and glean some wisdom from his interactions. He traveled east and north through the Kingdoms of Akhanul and Chessentia. He traversed the ancient Sharksbane Wall to the wondrous kingdom of Aglarond. Bending Reed loved these lands and its people. He traveled up the Eastering Reach to Impiltur, where he found a most unusual forest known as Earthwood.

The Earthwood

The Earthwood is a thick forest in the Earthspur Mountains within Damara, which consisted mainly of birch and evergreen trees. Despite the poor appearance of the stony, hilly soil, the fertility of the land was such that it allowed trees to grow quickly. The cause of this was dictated by legend as the work of a druid who was attempting to defy the advance of the Great Glacier, which had reached this far south in the past. Bending Reed settled in these woods after his ten year pilgrimage and has remained here since. He built a temple (House of Blue Cherry Blossom) on the shores of the inlet of the river Icehilt. His life is one of meditation and reflection.

Bending Reed On Summer Wind

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