Lady Cideil (Tia)

Wizard 7 Mage-Killer 3


Tia Cideil
Wizard 7 Mage Killer 3
Race: human
Alignment: lawful good
Deity: Azuth
Size: medium
Age: 24
Gender: female
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 120lb.
Eyes: blue
Hair: brown
Skin: white
Tia is tall for a female, and there is no question of her beauty. She struggles with this, because she wants to be respected by her masters and peers. She has a somewhat prickly demeanor and can sometimes be perceived as standoffish or cruel. Lady Cideil is very professional and garners the respect of the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors in Waterdeep. She received top marks with all her instructors and hopes to one day be part of the Wizards Guild of Waterdeep.



Lady Cideil was brought up in a manor house in the Castle Ward of Waterdeep. She was educated by private tutors until the age of twelve. The Lord of the manor, her father, held a high position in the Wizards Guild of Waterdeep. Tia admired her father and wanted to be accepted into the Watchful Orders Academy. It was her dream to follow in her father’s footsteps, while carving out a life of meaning and purpose. It was with a great swell of pride that she was accepted into the Watchful Order for instruction very soon after.
Tia absorbed knowledge like a sponge, and she found her talents of the arcane arts were growing with each experience. Her classmates came to her for advice and approval. It wasn’t long for the faculty to realize her potential. Tia was a trusted apprentice with access to most of the archives and libraries in the tower. She poured herself into every facet of magic. She also found her talent in making finely crafted wands. She loved the deliberate and meticulous construction of these delicate instruments of magic. Her ascension at the Academy was swift. She ended up graduating a full two years early. The Academy taught all schools of magic, save Necromancy, but Tia privately experimented and used spells from the forbidden school. She wanted to have the broadest perspective of the arcane, so her private rebellion gave her a leg up from the rest.
Tia was given an opportunity to join the Wizards Guild of Waterdeep, provided she passed the three-part initiation. These three trials tested her might of mind, body, and spirit. The first trial took place in a magedual arena with three other graduates from the Academy. Tia almost lost but quick thinking and her endless determination won the dual. The second trial was an intricately trapped room that seemed impossible escape. While puzzling out the rather cluttered room, she used her clairvoyance to listen in on a conversation about the inner workings of the room. She was successful and advanced to the third and final trial. This trial took place on the ethereal plane, where Tia was trapped in a labyrinth. She was instructed to find a jewel at the center of the labyrinth that would set her free and grant her membership into the guild. At every turn, she felt the walls somehow moving to block her advancement, so she cast blindsight on herself. She closed her eyes and walked straight to the jewel that set her free.
Lady Cideil was approached by the Council of Seven to become their Mage-Killer. She would ferret out any wayward mage that is abusing magic. These reckless mages have been warned before so greater steps must be taken to insure the safety of Waterdeep. The Guild calls on Tia to rectify these situations

Lady Cideil (Tia)

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