10 Wizard Half-Orc/Draconian


Black eyes, hair, skin. Age:22. 6’2" tall, weighs 280 pounds. Medium sized forged Chainshirt and pants.


As a youngling, Brute was viewed as nothing but a monster, the war only made it worse. His ‘father’ raped his mother while she was using a beautifying spell. After learning the truth, he fled in shame and confusion, only to return to slaughter his mother after his birth. Spending most of his life with the orc tribe’s crazy woman, Brute eventually learned the truth of his parents and journeyed to the mountains for answers. After a few encounters with some Draconians, Brute became aware of his inner monster. Now vowing revenge on his ‘father’ for cursing him, Brute begins a hate-filled journey during a time when the world’s hate is directed at his kind.


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