Benren Rockbreaker

Cleric 13 Hierophant 5


Race: Dwarf
Alignment: LG
Deity: Moradin
Size: Medium
Age: 86
Gender: Male
Height: 5’2"
Weight: 178lb.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Skin: White

Benren is still in top physical condition. His work is physically demanding, so he is a very young looking 86 year old Dwarf. Benren isn’t really big on social graces, but the Dwarf females seem to find him attractive despite his lack of charisma.



Benren Rockbreaker

Benren was born and raised in the mining city of Mirabar, where five generations of Rockbreakers have lived and forged armor, weapons, rings, rods, and all manner of iron-works. Benren was brought up in a very stern and unemotional household. His parents were dedicated to their craft and focused mainly on the task of completing projects and getting the best price at market. Benren has three siblings, one older sister and two younger brothers. His sister, Skofrahilde, became a famous battle General with the Axe of Mirabar. His two younger brothers, Thifronlir and Fitod, are accomplished jewelers and arms makers. The Rockbreaker name has an excellent reputation for the highest quality workmanship. The entire family are all gifted artisans. Benren also became a devout follower of Moradin, eventually joining the clergy in Mirabar. Most of the clergy work for the Council of Sparkling Stones, which is the ruling council of the city. These Shield Dwarves are partly responsible for the absolute lack of crime in Mirabar.

Benren began traveling to Luskan, Amn, Waterdeep, and Baldur’s Gate with caravans to trade wares. Benren was hardly a salesman. His brothers did most of the merchant business, while he provided the protection of Moradin to those with whom he traveled. His travels were often wrought with perilous experiences that did not warrant his survival, but the Rockbreaker siblings still live today. Benren has retired from the adventuring life but still travels with the caravans to Neverwinter and Luskan, doing the will of Moradin and keeping his people safe from harm.

Benren Rockbreaker

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